Our Booth at Antiques on York

Our Booth at Antiques on York

I have set up a new booth at Antiques on York in Rockville, Indiana. Just in time for the Covered Bridge Festival which runs 10 days from October 11-21 this year. Be sure to come by our booth if you make it to Rockville this year!!


Just Peachy!

Ciarah Maci is modeling an original design by Maci Breeze Gypsy Caravan. The pantaloons are trimmed in lace and ribbon. The fabric is vintage ivory damask. They have two side pockets and elastic waist. Though Ciarah is a tiny gal, these pantaloons are a size large. The waistband is not perfection, but these are not factory made. They are one of kind, as is.

The top is not a Maci Breeze design, but as re-invented gently used item, size medium. Maci added the faux doily pocket.

The necklace is a vintage Avon Mother of Pearl heart necklace

and she is wearing a faux peach pearl bracelet.

The top is priced at $25.00, the pantaloons at $30,00, the necklace at $25.00 and bracelet at $5.00. If interested in any of Maci Breeze items, please email for payment and shipping information.

Maci Breeze Designs, Check ‘Em Out

Aqua Paisley Top 2

Aqua Paisley Top 2

Maci Breeze model, Ciarah Maci, is wearing an aqua paisley strapless top with a Maci Breeze original skirt wrap. She is also wearing reinvented cowboy boots and a Maci Breeze original headband. These items are for sale, go to Maci Breeze Gypsy Caravan on Facebook and check Etsy from time to time, we list on there as well.



Aqua & Tan Skirt Wrap

Aqua & Tan Skirt Wrap


Aqua & Tan Skirt Wrap 2

Aqua & Tan Skirt Wrap 2

Zelda Shows Off

Zelda is our Gypsy Mannequin. She has been with us for several years. When Maci traveled about she took Zelda along and several men fell in love. There is something about Zelda that simply hypnotizes them! Anyway, other than her hair being a little unmanageable, Zelda is a vintage beauty. She models all the clothes Maci makes. Sometimes Maci just sells great finds. In these photos Zelda is modeling a tank made from vintage doilies. One of Maci’s favorite things to work with is doilies. So many wonderful things can be made by using these. Leave it to Maci to come up with some of the most unique fashions. This doily tank is a Jr. Medium. It is peach and ecru. It has a metal tag on the front that says BOURBON. And metal sequins dotted across the front. The Maci Breeze Tag is on the lower front left side. The back is laced up so you can adjust the size a bit. Though Zelda is a little daring and is not wearing anything underneath, it is meant to wear over some kind of cammie. Again, let the Gypsy in you flow.


FINALLY! We’re Back With Gypsy Boots!!

We are finally back online. We got lazy after the flu. Maci was busy though creating some Gypsy boots. They are adorable. She saw a blog that showed 2 ladies working on boots and as soon as we locate that blog we will add the link. But as Maci does, she is selling her handy work. These boots are leather and brand new, women’s size 7 1/2. She is selling them for $65 plus shipping and Indiana residents will pay tax. She accepts paypal. Just email us at jtesmer@tds.net to let us know if you woul like to purchase these or any of the other items for sale on this site. Check us out on Facebook as well… lots of items on there too. Thanks!!!

I have no idea as to why this photo is sideways???